2013                                                                                                                        duration 10:15

A man with his family in tow, revisits the used car dealer that sold him a lemon. Tempers flare and when the unexpected happens, preconceptions are shattered and lives are changed.








Mark Korven is primarily known as a Genie and Gemini award winning film and television composer, eclectic songwriter and musician. This is Mark’s 3rd short film.






Raised in UK, Fine Arts at NSCAD at its prime, co-founder/writer for

Canadian cult band Pukka Orchestra as well as Neotone and Autocondo, master guitar maker, feature film and television set designer, multi discipline dynamo with a passion for story.



His passion for film began when his father took him to see "2001: A Space Odyssey" the year it came out. “I was 7 years old and very impressionable, although I can't remember what he said when I asked him what that funny, burning smell was in the  theatre.”

In 2010 he was nominated for a Canadian Society of Cinematographer's award for best short film. He didn't win, but he did get to drink some nice champagne and hang out with some cool people


April 19/12 - Today we did our second green screen test for the driving scene at the beginning of the film.  Much better this time, now that we’re properly lighting everything. All shot in my driveway.  I think it can work with some colour correction and jiggling of the car and such. We thought it best to green screen the driving because it has so many advantages:

“Manny” doesn’t need know how to drive, way safer, easier to light, and we can concentrate completely on the acting.

We have also started the casting process and are collecting actor resume’s. We’ll start

narrowing down to a short list soon for our official audition day on May 1st.

May 15/12 - Our casting call unfortunately did not work out. Lots of talented actors, but the chemistry did not materialize. We have decided to go union, and cast under ACTRA’s TIP program.

June 15/12 - I’ve been working hard doing a storyboard for the film.

July 7/12 - On July 9th we’ll be doing yet another green screen test for the car scene. I’m still not completely convinced it will work....but I’ll post the result when it’s done. Also, I’ll be replacing all of my sketches with actual photo’s of actor stand-ins going through each shot.

We’ll be doing our casting session on July 10th, and we’re set to start filming from July 22 - 24th. We have most of our crew in place. Fingers crossed on the casting session, because it all depends on that!

July 1/12 - We have finally been approved by ACTRA and will be going ahead with the casting for round two!!!

July 13/12 - Below is some of the car green screen test we did.  The lighting is terrible, but we finally got a clean key.  I think with some proper interior car lighting, and some well shot background footage, it’ll look great.

Some good results for our union casting session the other day.  We’ve found half of our cast. Next week, we’ll be holding yet another casting session.  We have pushed our shooting date into August as a result.  No point in shooting without a great cast.



Shauna Bradley is a Toronto based actor.  Born and raised in the GTA, she earned her honours degree at York University in Fine Arts Acting.  Since graduating in 2007, Shauna has been active in the business involved in film/television & theatre.  Her most recent credits include: Lemon (short film), Nikita (television) & Tout Comme Elles (theatre)



Born in Bucharest, Romania, Nicu studied acting at The Institute of Theatrical Arts and Cinema for four years.

He was part of L.S.Bulandra Company until 1985. Has won national and international awards.

In Canada, Nicu has performed in numerous commercials, TV shows and movie productions.



Chris Jacot has amassed a long list of credits including 'Going the Distance', 'Battle in Seattle' and 'Eureka'. He is currently working in numerous network television appearances as well as developing his own scripts with the SilentT Company.

July 18/12 - Fantastic news. We finally have a terrific cast for our film. Now it’s full speed ahead for our August 12-14 shoot.



Niagara Falls based Christian Distefano is currently enrolled in a theatre program with the acclaimed Shaw Festival Theatre . He has been in several short's filmed in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles and dozens of TV commercials. Christian stars in Paw Patrol and Peg + Cat, two animated series for Nickelodeon and PBS Kids. Christian's feature film debut is the Eli Roth produced CLOWN will be released theatrically worldwide in 2013. Christian is thrilled to be a part of LEMON.

Oct 23/12 - I’m a terrible blogger!!!  Update: LEMON wrapped at the end of August. A very challenging shoot to say the least. I’ve been working hard on the edit and I’m currently approaching a fine cut. It looks terrific.

LEMON - Short Film